Xiuyu PIAO

Partner | Patent Attorney | Representative in Japan


Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English


Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Master of environmental materials
Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Bachelor of polymer materials

Practice areas

Prosecution and enforcement of patents in the field of chemistry, materials, medicine; legal opinion work

Work experience

In 2006 Xiuyu started practicing as a patent attorney at China Science Patent Trademark Agents, Ltd. in Beijing for 5 years. During this period of time she handled numerous cases for well-known foreign companies (e.g. Sumitomo Chemical, Fujifilm, Panasonic, SHARP, Sumitomo Electric, Sekisui Chemical). Afterwards, Xiuyu got assignments at a Japanese IP law firm, Fukami Patent Office in Osaka, where she worked for two years.


Xiuyu joined BEYOND Attorneys At Law at the beginning of 2014, and she is responsible for our representative office in Tokyo. In addition to her desk work as a patent attorney, Xiuyu will provide legal advice to our clients at home and abroad. Her unique work experience has proved to be extremely valuable for our clients who wish to build up synergy in different markets.

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