Libo XU

Partner | Patent Retrieval Expert | Patent Attorney


Chinese and English


Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, master, majoring in Engineering Thermophysics Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, bachelor, majoring in Thermal Energy and Power Engineering

Practice areas

patent business relevant to the technical fields such as general machinery, power machinery, machining and aerospace; drafting of patent documents and skillful response to the office actions; patent reexamination and invalidation; patent infringement analysis; intellectual property consultancy and retrieval service

Work experience

Mr. Xu has rich experience in patent examination and patent service. He worked in the patent examination collaboration center (Beijing) of the SIPO for nine years, and won the title of SIPO High-Level Backbone Talent. He undertook and participated in patent service items such as the patent navigation and the invalid infringement retrieval. Besides, he was the lecturer of the training class for patent attorney business promotion of Liaoning Province, and worked as a member of the patent patrol group of Guangdong Province. In addition, Mr. Xu was the vice leader of General Mechanics Department Two of the patent examination collaboration center (Beijing) of the SIPO and moonlighted as a reexamination officer, the leader of the collegial panel of reexamination, a PCT examiner, an evaluation and report assessor for the utility model, a preliminary examination officer for the utility model, a tutor for examiners, a quality inspector and a training instructor. He was entitled “Excellent Examiner” and “Excellent Tutor” for several times, and was assigned to study in the John Marshall Law School in the USA. 

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