Yiming JIANG

Partner; Former Examiner | Patent Analyst


Chinese and English


Beijing Institute of Technology, Doctor, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System Beijing Institute of Technology, Bachelor, Mechatronic Engineering

Practice areas

Patent early warning, patent navigation, patent operation, patent mining and layout planning, patent value evaluation, and IP Due Diligence

Work experience

Mr. Jiang worked as an Examiner of Beijing Patent Examination and Coordination Center of the SIPO and the patent operation director and associate researcher of Beijing Guozhi Patent Early Warning Consulting Co., Ltd. As a national patent information practice talent, he has rich practical experience in patent early warning, patent navigation, patent operation and corporate intellectual property strategy management. He has done well in major patent early warning and navigation projects such as strategic emerging industry technology trend analysis, patent information analysis and early warning research of Internet of Things and new generation communication industry, patent navigation researches of smart appliance industry as well as patent operation consulting services such as IP Due Diligence and patent value evaluation. With Mr Jiang’s unremitting efforts for so many years, more than ten academic papers have been published in core journals above the provincial level. 

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