Yubing GUO

Former Examiner | Patent Retrieval Expert | Patent Attorney


Chinese and English


Beijing Jiaotong University, bachelor, Mechanical Manufacture and Automation Beijing Jiaotong University, master, Mechanical Manufacture and Automation

Practice areas

Patent services in the fields such as general machinery, machining, wind and hydro power, strong current, the Internet and artificial intelligence; excellence in consultancy in terms of patent retrieval, patent analysis, patent mining, patent drafting, patent translation proofreading, response to the office action, patent reexamination, invalidation and IP consultancy

Work experience

Mr. GUO worked in the patent examination collaboration center (Beijing) of the SIPO, and during term of office, he was temporarily transferred to the patent examination collaboration center (Tianjin) for one year to carry out the work of the pre-construction of the Tianjin Center and personnel recruitment, training and quality inspection. He worked as the assistant of a section chief, an Examiner for the invention patent substantive examination, a preliminary examiner for utility model, a reexamination examiner, a PCT/GCC examiner and an assessor for evaluation and report of utility model, and also served as the tutor of the Examiners in patent examination collaboration centers (Beijing, Jiangsu, Hubei and Tianjin) of the SIPO. He won the titles of Excellent Examiner and Excellent Tutor for several times. Mr. GUO was a member of the expert joint trial group for tough cases, a member of the quality inspection group and a training teacher of the retrieval group. His advanced retrieval ability was authorized by the SIPO. He also worked as an intellectual property consultant in a company ranking in global top 500 companies, and during term of office, he was in charge of training the research staff in terms of IP field knowledge, patent retrieval and analysis, patent mining and patent application reviews. 

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