Dongfeng HUANG

Partner | Patent Retrieval Expert | Patent Attorney


Chinese and English


Peking University, master of Laws Jinan University, bachelor, Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation

Practice areas

trademark management strategy consultancy, intellectual property strategy analysis, infringement analysis, patent forewarning consultancy, intellectual property management consultancy, legal consultancy and the like

Work experience

Dongfeng Huang was engaged in mechanical design work in a certain enterprise before setting foot in the IP industry. In 2009, Mr Huang joined Beijing Beyond Attorneys At Law. Up to now, he has been devoted himself to the consultancy service in terms of patents and trademarks, and has gained rich experience from numerous project consultancies and implementations. Specifically, Mr Huang is responsible for management and implementation of patent consulting projects, which can be summarized as follows: (1) investigating and determining specific requirements of clients in the IP aspect, and making initial schemes of IP consultancy according to clients’ actual requirements; (2) implementing and managing projects; monitoring the progress of a project and allocating the staff;skillfully handling key and difficult issues during the implementation of a project and timely adjusting the implementing direction of the project in accordance with the requirements of clients; and controlling the implementing quality and the cost of the project; and (3) carrying out acceptance inspection and reply work related to consulting projects and regularly getting feedbacks from the clients. 

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