Shuo FAN

Partner | Patent Attorney


Chinese, Japanese and English


Dalian University of Technology, Master, Mechanical Manufacture and Automation
Dalian University of Technology, Bachelor, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Dalian University of Technology, Bachelor, Japanese Literature

Practice areas

Drafting of the application documents in the technical fields such as machine manufacturing, technology and relevant devices, electronics or electrical technology, mechatronics, semiconductor technology, computer technology, electronic equipment, communication, image processing and the like, responding to the office actions, patent reexamination and invalidation and administrative litigation; patent infringement analysis; intellectual property consultancy and retrieval service

Work experience

Ms. Fan worked in Department of Foreign countries in a patent agency in Japan for about six years, and is responsible for various types of foreign patent agency. She really does well in applying for patents in the technical fields of the image forming device (Fuji Xerox and Fuji Photo film), vehicles (Toyota), tyres (Bridgestone), motor retractors (Tokai Rika Co. Ltd) and the like.


After returning China, she worked as a principal for Japanese Business and a leader of Translation Department in a famous intellectual property agency, and is mainly responsible for employee business training and maintaining good relations with clients.


Due to her working for about twelve years, she has accumulated good practical experience in patent agency, and because of her excellent Japanese ability, she has won several gold awards in Japanese speech contests at municipal and national levels. 

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