Partner | chief patent analysis and consulting experts | Patent Attorney lawyer


Chinese, English


Beijing University of Technology
Master of Science in Condensed Matter Physics
Shandong Normal University
Bachelor of Physics

Practice areas

Advice in all areas of patent, esp. in patent prosecution, search, invalidation and litigation, patent mining and portfolio planning, IP due diligence, IP standards, patent evaluation, FTO, patent navigation, patent transaction, etc.

Work experience

Mr. Hao CHEN started his IP practices after graduation in 2006 as an examiner at SIPO where he handled hundreds of patent applications before being promoted to the position of Project Manager, Vice Minister of Mechanical Patent Warning Department, Minister of Optoelectronic Patent Warning Department and Director of Patent Operation in Beijing Guozhi Patent Warning Consulting Co. Ltd., in 2010. His clients include national and local governments at all levels, industry associations, science and technical campus, enterprises, universities, research institutes etc. In 2012 Hao attended a training program at John Marshall Law School, USA.

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