Yiduo SHI

Partner |


Chinese, English


Beijing United University English major, Bachelor’s Degree

Practice areas

All legal affairs concerning patent application: filing, ownership transfer, alteration, maintenance, Re-examination, invalidation, patent search, licence contract of patent, customs registration etc.

Work experience

Accumulated with over 10 years working experiences on foreign patent procedure; Possessing systematic and complete management experience on patent filing; Being well versed in

supervising all kinds of official time limits and management on all aspects in patent procedure, covering from filing to grant, re-examination and invalidation etc.

Adept at the Chinese patent law and its implementing regulations, mastering the practical operation of the Patent Examination Guidelines; expert at the procedure of Chinese patent

application and PCT international application as well as related regulations and procedural operation for export applications to main countries all over the world.

Beginning the career of patent procedure as from 2003, successively serving in 3 large-scale IP firms before joining BEYOND and accumulating abundant experience on patent procedure.

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