Haiyan WU

Partner | Lawyer


Chinese, English


LLB, China University of Political Science & Law-2003

Practice areas

Trademark & Patent Enforcement

Work experience

Having practicing in the field of intellectual property for over ten years, Ms. WU has accumulated abundant experience in trademark prosecution, administrative lawsuits, trademark and patent enforcement through administrative way and judicial way, litigation based on copyright infringement and/or unfair competition, knocking-down counterfeits/infringing products from big e-commerce websites, and enforcement of intellectual property rights in big fairs and exhibitions. Ms. WU also has extensive experience in dealing with border protection cases.



Coordinating in the project of clearing off Fresh Express copies and Actifry copies from domestic markets for SEB SA, the actions include but not limited to customs interception, infringement lawsuit 

based on patent infringement and filing complaints during the Canton Fair.

Supervising and coordinating in the project of clearing off meat mincer copies from domestic markets for Client through administrative complaints before local Intellectual Property Offices.



The Patentee Cannot Prohibit Follow-up Use, Offer for Sale and Sale of Products Manufactured, Sold or Imported Exploiting the Patent during the Temporary Protection Period.

Court decision acknowledges pre-agreement between the infringer and the patentee with respect to punitive compensation for repeated infringement.

Defendant who refuses to submit evidence of infringement without justified reasons might bear unfavorable consequences.

Participated in drafting and compiling “Trademark and Patent Agent” of “China Lawyer Today” and “Intellectual Property Strategy and Practice”; Published a few of articles in “China Trademark”,

China Intellectual Property” and “China Business Law Journal”.

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