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2012 BEYOND• International Intellectual Property Summit Forum (Wuxi) is opened

 Release time: 2012-4-24 (Original)



2012 International Intellectual Property Summit Forum is held in the exhibition center of Wuxi New District sponsored by Wuxi Science and Technology Bureau and organized by Beyond Attorneys at Law. This forum is presided over by Mr. Shengping YANG, the managing partner of the firm.


Chinese enterprises including lots of enterprises in Wuxi, are developing the international market. At this stage         Chinese companies are facing new opportunities and challenges. The purpose of holding the summit forum is to help enterprises acquire and manage intellectual property, and use intellectual property to get benefits in the international   competition. In order to solve the problems that outward-looking enterprises run into, one European patent attorney    and one US patent attorney were invited to give the presentations “Main Difficulties that Chinese Enterprises             Encounter in European Trade and Methods to Overcome” and “Situations of Intellectual Property Disputes that           Chinese Enterprises Confront in America and Methods to Settle” respectively.


Chinese enterprises realize that an intellectual property system plays an important role in encouraging and protecting innovation and promoting the prosperous development of economy and society, and find out that more communication and cooperation are very important for the development of the worldwide  intellectual property.


BEYOND Attorneys at Law organized the forum to make a contribution to the implementation of Wuxi intellectual      property strategy, and give a helping hand to enterprises in the aspect of developing and utilizing intellectual property.