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Lecture on “How to Settle Intellectual Property Disputes Overseas and Competition Strategy for Enterprises”


Release time: 2012-4-24 (Original)


Foshan Intellectual Property Seminar was held jointly by Foshan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and        Economic Promotion Bureau of Chancheng District and organized by Beyond Attorneys at Law on April 20, 2012. The topic of this seminar is “How to Settle Intellectual Property Disputes Overseas and Competition Strategy for

Enterprises”, aiming to provide the IP strategies to the enterprises in Foshan. The Seminar was presided over by Mr. Shengping YANG, the managing partner of Beyond Attorneys at Law.


Both domestic scholars and senior experts on intellectual property from Europe, America, Japan and Korea were        invited to give the presentation in the Seminar. The topic focused on how to deal with intellectual property disputes     and issues concerning foreign affairs for the enterprises involving in international competition, and how to raise the       awareness of protecting intellectual property and resist the barrier of overseas intellectual property, especially when   enterprises expand foreign market. The Seminar aims to improve the overall levels of the enterprises and public           institutions of Foshan city in protecting and managing intellectual property concerning foreign affairs. Ms. TANG         Tiantian, the deputy director of Electricity Examination Department of the State Intellectual Property Office, was also  invited to attend the seminar, and made a presentation on “New Development of Chinese Patent Examination Practice and Solutions for Applicants”. Professionals from other countries shared the successful experience of foreign             enterprises using intellectual property in international competition market and provided insight advices for Chinese       enterprises.


As the twelfth World Intellectual Property Day is coming on April 26, such a high-level seminar was held in Foshan     city reflecting that the government attaches an importance on intellectual property. It is reported that Foshan              Intellectual Property Seminar will be set up as a brand of Foshan intellectual property. More experts and scholars will be invited to spread the intellectual property knowledge for local enterprises.