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BEYOND Successfully Held the International IPR Forum of 2011


Published on 2011-12-9 (Original)


An International Intellectual Property Forum was successfully held by BEYOND in late November until early December of         2011. During the period, a series of sub-forums took place in cities including Wuxi, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Wuhu and Beijing. Over a thousand of representatives from enterprises, and experts from IP field, participated in the forums to exchange views on some most concerned issues with regard to how to better protect enterprises’ intellectual property rights in and out of        China and the corresponding strategies.


As one kind of legitimate right prescribed and protected by relevant laws, the intellectual property rights have been created in centuries in the world, contributing to the development of economy, science and technology. In the past decades, foreign        enterprises obtained lot of opportunities to develop and increase their business by making full use of intellectual property       rights, making themselves industry pioneers.


Compared to foreign enterprises, Chinese enterprises did not place enough attention to the protection of intellectual property rights until recent years, which put Chinese enterprises in bad situation when competing with foreign enterprises. But it is       glad to see that Chinese enterprises have been gradually paying more and more attention to intellectual property rights          protection recently.


This forum, aiming to improve Chinese enterprises’ attention to the importance of intellectual property rights in business       competition, archived fruitful results.