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Beyond Organized Group Travel in Hainan


Released on April 10, 2012 (Original)


In order to reward the hardworking employees, and to exalt consolidation of the team, in April of 2012, BEYOND organized an enjoyable group travel in Hainan, the international tourism island in southern China, for heads of departments and excellent employees of Y2011.


During the trip, we successively visited some famous scenic spots on Hai’nan Island, such as Bo’ao Yudai Beach, Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden, Fenjiezhou Island, Dadong Sea, Nanshan Temple, Tian Ya Hai Jiao, Yalong Bay, Luhuitou Park,    and Nanhai Monkey Island.


All of us enjoyed a very pleasant trip. The beautiful sunshine, crystal-blue sea and white beach deeply impressed us.