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Opinions on IP Service Standard System Construction issued in China

Recently Chinese IP related authorities jointly issued the Opinions on Intellectual Property Service Standard System Construction (hereafter as the Opinions). The tasks for IP service standard system will mainly focus on the following:

1.the formulation of general standards of IP service terms, guidelines,  categories,  code of conduct etc.;

2.the structuring of the metric system for the facility, environment, contract and quality of IP service etc.;

3.the construction and revision of the standard system of IP service for patent, trademark, copyright, IC layout design and the application, registration, new plant varieties, and the establishment of the regulations of the service quality of patent representation, trademark representation, and copyright representation etc.;

4.the standard system construction of legal IP services for business activities such as company listing, merger and acquisition, reorganization, liquidation, investment and financing, and the establishment of standards of IP rights ownership dispute service, IP due diligence etc.;

5.the standard system construction of the IP information search and analysis, data processing, document translation,database construction, software development, system integration;

6.the standard system construction of intellectual property evaluation,  trading, transformation, pledge, investment and financing, operation and other commercial services and the establishment of the service standards for intellectual property asset evaluation services, intellectual property pledge and financing and the value analysis etc.;

7.the standard system construction of intellectual property strategy consulting, policy consulting, management consulting, etc

8.the standard system construction of IP training and public training etc., and the construction of the standards for intellectual property information service training etc.;

9.the standard construction of public IP services such as IP information spreading and implementation, IP service platform    construction, IP protection assistance, customer consultation and information support etc..

According to the Opinions, up to 2020 the construction of the IP Service Standard System will be completed.