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Recent Cases and Policy in China

Guidance of the Higher People’s Court of Beijing on Several Issues in the Trial of Copyright Disputes Under the Network Environment was issued and implemented with immediate effect. The main conclusion is that without authorization, downloading and frequently reprinting popular TV series by websites will be considered infringement.

Zhongguancun IPR Strategic Plan has been prepared. The main ideas of the plan are that Zhongguancun considers intellectual property be very important and that Shijingshan Park of Zhongguancun, featured in cultural and creative industries, shall establish the first mediation sub-centers of the Internet Society of China.


Recently, the Beijing Haidian District People's Court of Beijing, in a case of first impression, concluded that on the infringement of Beijing Joinusrip Ltd. and Beijing Jiushi Ltd., Founder Electronics fonts, a computer font system used widely as the character sets for entering Chinese characters on the computer, is copyrightable subject matter, and therefore Beijing Joinusrip Ltd. was guilty of infringement. Joinusrip was ordered to pay 100,000 Yuan in damages.