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Tianjin Office of Beyond Attorneys At Law starts operation

Tianjin Office of Beyond Attorneys At Law is officially established and starts operation in June, 2014, which marks another great-leap-forward development of Beyond. Our Tianjin Office is located in Dongli District of Tianjin, which is between the central urban area of Tianjin and the core area of Binhai new area, and Dongli District is the central area of Tianjin’s “Double areas and Double harbors, Expanding towards each other”. The localization managing mode of Tianjin office can better concentrate superior forces, effectively guide the demands of clients, and achieve deep exploitation of regional market and steady increase in profits. Beyond will provide comprehensive services for both domestic and foreign enterprises.


 After ten years’ development, Beyond Attorneys At Law offers its clients all services in the intellectual property field. BEYOND has already set up branch offices in major Chinese cities. Furthermore, BEYOND has liaison offices in Germany, the United States, and Japan. With its excellent facilities BEYOND is thinking global and acting local.

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