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Beyond’s PCT application Filing Ranked First in Beijing in 2019

    Recently, Beijing Intellectual Property Office and Beijing Patent Attorneys Association officially released the Beijing Patent Agency Annual Report in 2019. Beyond achieved an extraordinary result last year. With its 1,636 cases, it ranked first in terms of the volume of PCT patent applications, and with its 12,239 cases, it ranked second in the aspect of the filing volume of patent application for inventions. 
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MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS
    Since the publication of the Beijing Patent Agency Annual Report, Beyond has maintained an advantage in various business fields and index rankings every year, and has taken the lead in well- recognized evaluation items that are worth taking as a reference, such as PCT patent applications, patent applications for invention and patent application business volumes. All this reflects that Beyond has been strengthening comprehensive capabilities in patent agency professional level, agency quality, market development, service quality, etc. 
    Professionalism creates quality, and diligence makes excellence. People in Beyond will stay true to its original aspirations, forge ahead and continue to do its part in building a strong country with intellectual property rights.