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Partner Minghai LIU Won the Title of Beijing Excellent Patent Attorney

    Recently, Beijing Patent Attorneys Association released the results of the selections of the excellent patent agencies and the excellent patent attorneys in Beijing in 2017-2018. After experts and councils carried out reviews, Minghai Liu, partner of Beyond, stood out from his counterparts, and won the title of Beijing Excellent Patent Attorney. For responding to the call given by the documents Opinions on Promoting Development of the Capital Intellectual Property Service Industry and Beijing Action Plan for Promoting Development of Intellectual Property Service Industry (2018-2020), Beijing Patent Attorneys Association conducted the selections of excellent patent agencies and excellent patent attorneys in Beijing in 2017-2018. 
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    Upon recommendations from the patent agencies, the preliminary examination, expert reviews and deliberations of the council, twenty patent agencies were awarded the title of Beijing Excellent Patent Agency, and forty patent attorneys won the title of Beijing Excellent Patent Attorney. By virtue of hard work for so many years, Minghai LIU was awarded the honorary title. As for Liu, after his graduation from Tongji University in 1995, he set foot onto the IP field. As one of the earliest patent attorneys, Mr, Liu has kept learning and improving his professional ability. He once studied the European patent laws and attended trainings in patent offices in Germany and Netherlands, and got his Master degree in intellectual property laws from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. 
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    Since his IP life started, Mr. Liu has been working down-to-earth and doing his utmost at the IP forefront. He has done excellently in prosecution and enforcement of patents in the fields of organic chemistry, inorganic materials, polymer materials, new materials, electrochemistry, paper making, printing, fiber, chemical engineering, petroleum chemistry and processing, pharmaceuticals and agro-chemicals, etc. Due to his eminent professional quality, modesty, diligence and dedication to work, Liu has been one of the key members of Beyond.  
    The year of 2019 will witness the 70th anniversary of China, and in this year, Beyond will celebrate her 15th birthday. A new area has given new mission to the cause of intellectual property. With the principle of “One main body, two wings” deep in mind, Beyond will maintain the strategic composure, hold firm strategic confidence and better our work step by step with new vigor to meet new eras and glories, thereby laying a solid foundation for promoting the high-quality development of China's intellectual property industry.