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Thirteen New Partners Stand Out

    As a new year begins, everyone starts anew. Recently, Beyond Partner Promotion and Year-end Conference was held in Beijing. Larry Min, founder and partner of Beyond, Bin HU, partner and vice manager of Beyond, and other senior partners, attended the conference. This conference was presided over by Xuanhe YU, director of HR administration center. At the conference, all the senior partners voted to select 13 new partners for Beyond. 
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     Larry Min, founder and partner of Beyond, delivered an annual report. Larry Min summed up the work of Beyond in 2018 as well as analyzing the industrial competition situation in which Beyond stands, and deployed the coming tasks one by one. Facing the new trends in 2019, Larry asked all the members to join hands in governing the frame work, hold firmly to risk controls inwards and expand the market and promote the brand image outwards to ensure an internally and externally professional Beyond. Meanwhile, Larry emphasized the values of “Trust Means Responsibility” and called on all the partners to have a sense of ownership, with which they make efforts to go ahead and seek developments and push the brand influence to a new level in concert.
     As an important link, thirteen employees that had remarkable performance stood out and became new partners of Beyond after the attendees voted. Most of the new partners are the post-80s from a variety of professional fields, and experienced elites, experts and rising stars in the IP fields as well as the lawyers with big names were included. In a new market situation, a fast growth of the young partners not only expands the entire business strength, but also injects impetus into the continuous and creative development of Beyond and the seizure of new opportunities for Beyond. 
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     Liwei HUANG, new partner of Beyond, said that being promoted to a new partner means more than a bonus to his hard work and abilities and that it means an approval and trust from Beyond. In addition, he expressed his hope that new partners would do their own parts and that as partners were the backbones of Beyond, they would make their roles changed so that they could make concerted efforts and forge ahead for a brighter future of Beyond.
     Bin Hu, vice manager, congratulated to all the new partners and said that he was proud of all of them and their achievements in Beyond. As mentioned by Bin Hu, the new partners show a power of examples, and as one has his pursuits and aims, he can go ahead beyond himself by working hard. Mr Hu hoped that everybody should continue to work with great care and make self-cultivation to offer the clients optimum IP service. Finally, Hu expressed his expectation that those who collaborate and share weal and woe eventually can win victories and those who make a difference are expected to have a brighter future. 
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     The past more than 15 years have witnessed fifteen branches of Beyond across the country and have seen people from different parts of China show their talents to spare no pains and join hands in hands to grow up with Beyond. Each step of one member of Beyond will help her make a large leap. As long as each member of Beyond does his own part down to earth, a robust Beyond is bound to become a great star in the IP field. Let us, all the Beyond members, get started to meet with a new journey with a new stance.