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Special legislation to protect IPR of Beijing's time-honored brands

From:      2009-06-16 13:05:55

Special legislation is to be formulated to protect the intellectual property rights, stable operation and other aspects of Beijing's time-honored brands. In response to a proposal submitted by a member of Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC Beijing Committee), Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce (BMCC) recently stated that Beijing will seek to protect and advance the development of time-honored brand enterprises through local regulations.


The investigation and research relating to the legislation are in progress;

According to statistics there are over 300 time-honored enterprises in Beijing, of which over 160 are currently still in operation, and over 80 have a history of more than 100 years. On the list of the first batch of enterprises awarded granted the title of China’s Time-honored Brand Enterprise by the Ministry of Commerce in 2006, there are 67 enterprises from Beijing, accounting for 15 percent of the total and ranking first in China.


Early this year, Yuan Shuangmei, a member of the CPPCC Beijing Committee and Vice Chairperson of the Xuanwu District Subcommittee of the CPPCC Beijing Committee, submitted a proposal titled "Promoting the Development of Time-honored Brands." In response the BMCC, which is in charge of handling the proposal, stated that the investigation and research would be carried out this year in order to formulate legislation for time-honored brands. At present, the investigation and research are in progress. The BMCC plans to pass the proposed legislation in the form of a government order or regulation. The legislation will offer protection to Beijing’s time-honored brands in various aspects, including intellectual property rights, cultural heritage and operational stability. The legislation will also specify regulations to help settle down time-honored brands in the process of urban transformation, to establish a long-term mechanism to advance the development of time-honored brands.


Financial support will be granted to some time-honored brands

Taking advantage of the intellectual capability of colleges and universities, Beijing will build a research base for time-honored brands as well as a "Time-honored Intangible Cultural Heritage Legacy Studio" by the end of this year, offering special places to transfer skills, carry out research and development on techniques, and make innovations on products. This year accrediting agencies will continue to carry out the examination and approval of time-honored brands engaging in commerce and services, and financial support will be granted to those meeting specified requirements.


In the second half of this year, the BMCC will organize for over 20 time-honored brands to visit Taiwan and Hong Kong for exchanges and business discussions, to learn brand operations, marketing designs and creative ideas from Taiwan and Hong Kong’s enterprises. This will help time-honored brands to realize their development idea of "going abroad."