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BEYOND Gained Numerous Awards in 2018 Power-nation Intellectual Property Forum that has Ended Successfully

From June 2nd to 3rd, 2018, the "2018 Power-nation Intellectual Property Forum" hosted by the Organizing Committee of 2018 Power-nation Intellectual Property Forum and Beijing Power-nation Institute was held in Beijing, and nearly 1,000 people, including experts, scholars, lawyers and business representatives in the industry, were invited to this conference. BEYOND Attorneys at Law was invited and successfully won numerous awards: "Top Ten" Trademark Agencies, "Top Ten" Trademark Lawyers and "Top Ten" Patent Attorneys.  

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The Form has adhered to the philosophy of “Achieving Intellectual Property Value and Helping Innovation Drive Development” and focused on the theme of “Theories, Laws and Best Practices of Power-nation Intellectual Property in New Era”. At the main forum and sub-Forums related to  patents, trademarks and copyrights, anti-monopoly, service industry, entrepreneurs, international business and the like, experts and representatives from all walks of life exchanged their viewpoints on topics such as rules and practices in the context of high value, copyright hotspots and difficulties in the Internet era, new developments in corporate brand and trademark practices, anti-monopoly and anti-inappropriate competition law enforcement and judicial practice, high-value intellectual property rights and value of service industry, intellectual property management and value realization and support of the internationalization of enterprises, highlighting great contributions of typical examples to the improvement of the IP quality and value and the enterprise innovation and development. In addition, new models, new methods and new practices for IP creation, management, application and protection were discussed.


At the award presentation ceremony of the Forum, Top Ten Service Organizations and Top Ten Lawyers in China were selected by the Organizing Committee of the Power-nation Intellectual Property Forum. Based on her stronger professional service level, leading practice results, forward-looking development concept and innovative business thinking, BEYOND Attorneys at Law was successfully selected as the “Top Ten Trademark Agencies” of the year. In addition, Lawyer Jing LI and Sha DING were awarded the titles of “Top Ten Trademark Lawyers” and “Top Ten Patent Attorneys” respectively due to their great popularity and strengths after having handled a large number of tough IP disputes of significant social influences and great legal significance in their IP law researches and practices up to now.


Supported by the determination and the idea of “becoming a trusted, globally first-class intellectual property service provider”, BEYOND Attorneys at Law has obtained many honors so far. With the deepening of scientific and technological innovation and the optimizations of the IP environment, BEYOND has continuously optimized reforms by improving the management and service levels of various departments from the customer's aspect, increased the absorption of high-end professionals, strengthened the professional training of agents and developed a strict process management system. BEYOND has determined to strengthen business development while serving old customers, strive to build a first-class management service platform and create a respected intellectual property professional organization. 

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