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BEYOND Ranked Top 10 Patent Agency Offices in 2017

With shining days gone all of sudden, temperatures have plummeted across China, and winter has been on her way gently. In a season when withered trees are spread everywhere, exciting news, like warm currents, has come to BEYOND to warm the family members. 
Recently, the award ceremony of the third China Chief Law Officer Summit and Corporate Law Industry Navigator in 2017 was held in Le Méridien Qingdao. Over one hundred well-known enterprises such as ZTE, Haier, JDcom, CIMC, Gree, Vipshop and so on and more than 200 elites from patent agencies enjoyed this happy get-together. As a representative of the IP agencies, BEYOND attended this grand meeting, and stood out from his IP peers to won the title of Top 10 Patent Agency Offices in 2017. 
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The activity of the evaluation of Top 10 Corporate Law Industry Navigators of China in 2017 was led and hosted by the Magazine of Chief Law Officer, and was supported by the China Chief Law Officer Institute and the China Law-governed Enterprise Institute with the purpose of seeking excellent law departments, standard law offices and outstanding law personnel in enterprises. According to more than 100,000 online and offline votes in combination with professional advice from panels of experts in the IP field, four excellent law departments, four successful professionals and two leading intermediary service agencies won out.  
There are always those who are aggressive to lead the trend to guide the development of a group, and they are called navigators in an industry. Likewise, there are always those who have the experimental spirits to explore new areas, and they are also called navigators. The China Legal Industry Navigators this year were announced in the third China Chief Law Officer Summit and Corporate Law Industry Navigator in 2017. Due to powerful strengths, BEYOND won this prize without a hitch. Leaders such as Jinyu WANG, deputy director of Financial Affairs Office of Qingdao City, and Yong Li and Yong WANG, vice presidents of Qingdao Bar Association, presented the awards to all the prizewinners. 
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BEYOND has pocketed the awards of “IPSTARS”, “Top 10 Patent Agencies of China” and “Top 10 Patent Agency Offices in 2017” successively, which embodies the spirit of staying true to the original mission and fighting forward as well as the powerful support and trust from his friends and clients. At such a new historical starting point, BEYOND will continue to play the role of a navigator, and move forward through thick and thin. With top-ranking, specialized and streamlined services, BEYOND will provide higher-end IP solutions for the clients as always.