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BEYOND Re-won Honorary Title of Top 10 Patent Agencies of China

The GIPC 2017 Global Intellectual Property Ecological Conference, the most significant and powerful industrial event in the global IP field, was held on November 18, 2017. This conference was hosted both by the IPRdaily and the Capital IP Service Association, and more than 800 industry leaders and elites from over 300 enterprises across fifteen countries and regions attended this great event. BEYOND was invited to this grand gathering, and re-won the Honorary Title of Top 10 Patent Agencies of China this year.
With the theme of “fostering a new partnership among IP agencies that uphold the principle of One Belt and One Road” and the focus on the topical issues, those insiders emphatically discussed new opportunities in the IP field and the One Belt and One Road Cooperation thoughts of IP new future of intellectual property plus Technology, IP Capital, intellectual property plus finance and the like. Zhong LI, deputy director of Beijing Intellectual Property Office, made a speech at this conference. In addition, the judge from KIPO, layers from several countries such as Germany, Russia and Republic of Lithuania, and authorities in the IP field share their viewpoints on the IP development, the opportunity mining and the practical experience of the countries along the Belt and Road.  
After experts in the IP field made strict evaluations and selections, top 10 Patent agencies of China in 2017 were determined, and BEYOND stood out from his peers. At the award ceremony, Dongfeng HUANG, as the representative of BEYOND, accepted the award. It is learned that the top 10 patent agencies this year are eventually selected by taking the relevant patent data as the core reference basis, performing a merged processing of the associated affiliates of the same patent agency and comprehensively considering the sum of the patent applications and the granted patents in 2017. 
After winning the Honorary Title of Top 10 Patent Agencies of China in 2016, BEYOND was honored with this title again this year. Since its establishment, BEYOND has made great achievements. With each of the honors and each of the confirmations from the IP industry, BEYOND has been encouraged greatly, and has stayed true to its mission and moved ahead with the principle of Trust Means Responsibility deep in heart, striving for doing its own part for the IP development in China. 
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