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Litigation is the final defense of all kinds of IP rights. Successful litigation depends on the subject matter itself, correct understanding of relevant laws, and skills of participants, but not only that. Deep understanding of the special Chinese business culture varying from region to region and correspondingly made strategies can be the critical element of success.

Our 15 attorneys at law handle around 80 litigation cases each year recently. Based on those experiences, we understand that the best employment of litigation is to avoid litigation. 

We pride ourselves on being able to assist you in resolving most

disputes early on. However, when litigation cannot be avoided, our

team is here to keep you in the safest position.


Our services of litigation covers the whole scope of IP including patent,

trade mark, copyright, customs, domain name, and other intellectual

property issues as well as all aspects of litigation, including but not limited to:


   -   Investigation;

   -   Complaint filing;

   -   Pre-injunction;

   -   Oral hearing;

   -   Decision execution;

   -   Damage collection;

   -   And others;

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