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With the development of new technologies, media, and business models, the concept of intellectual property has also been developing. Intellectual properties are more and more applied in all aspects of business operation. The struggling between infringing and anti-infringing to IP rights has also extended to every corner of the whole scope of businesses. In recent several years, our attorneys have been handling around 80 IP enforcement cases in each year. It is found from these cases that successful enforcement of a specific IP rights is 

more and more dependent on other forms of IP rights and on combination

of various of enforcement measures.


In addition to the most commonly recognized IP rights and the most

commonly recognized enforcement measures, our practices also involve:

  - Trade Secrets;

  - Trade Dresses;

  - Corporation;

  - Unfair Competition;

  - Anti-Counterfeiting;

  - Customs Protection;

  - Arbitration;

  - And Others.

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